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Sue Merritt

Marketing Coordinator/Event Planner

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Sue Merritt is the Marketing Coordinator/Event Planner at VMC Inc. She has been an event planner in the healthcare field for most of her career. Working in this position serving in the veterinary industry  seemed like a natural progression. Sue is a great listener and feels that is necessary in any role that she holds. As an event planner, you have to be ready for anything that comes your way so creative problem solving is a must. Sue enjoys working at VMC because of her wonderful co-workers, our clients and the variety of tasks she gets to perform. She is passionate about clear communication, building the VMC brand and to increase attendance at VMC’s seminars and the VMC School.

One of Sue’s great loves is music. She attended the MacPhail Center for Music in Minneapolis and has recorded a handful of jazz tunes. Ask her to sing a tune the next time you chat with her on the phone!

Sue is originally from Minnesota and moved to Colorado to be closer to her son and to escape the mosquitoes, high humidity, and long winters that Minnesota is known for. She loves spending time with her family, hiking, camping, singing and listening to music. One of her most memorable travel experiences was visiting Yellowstone with her husband, son and mother-in-law.

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