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Kristine Smith

Consultant Assistant

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Kristine Smith as just recently returned to VMC.  She started working for Mark in 1998 and continued her administrative duties for 13 years before making the move to her dream home in Western PA.  Kristine has been in administrative support for over 25 years but going to work with Mark was a game changer.  Previous administrative jobs did not provide the sense of direct contribution, equipping, challenges or the recognition of being a valuable team member that she found within VMC. 

Kristine enjoys her fellow team members and the clients with whom we work.  She is an organizer at heart, but enjoys editing, numbers and all the details that go into what we do but without the relationships that give them meaning, it would not be fulfilling.  Kristine is very conscientious and is excited about the helpful and positive impact she has each day with VMC clients and team members that she supports.  Kristine feels that consistently turning your best efforts to every small task does, in the end, represent a big accomplishment.

Kristine spare time is very busy since moving to her 20 acreage homestead.  She enjoys caring for her family, quilting and sewing, gardening and caring for her livestock and pets.  She can’t remember a time in her adult life that she didn’t have pets, currently she has a rescued cocker spaniel and two cats.

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