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Kathy Tripp is VMC’s accountant/analyst. Her sister worked for Mark Opperman and that is how she learned about VMC. When Kathy decided to leave the corporate world in 2004 it coincided with the time Mark was seeking someone with her skills to join the VMC family! She loves working with computers and numbers and appreciates the great relationships with her co-workers. Kathy feels that she is a problem solver for clients and thinks more of herself as a tool provider for the consultants and assistants to help them solve problems. She is always looking for ways to improve her work and suggests implementing changes or new processes that will benefit the company.

Kathy’s love for computers was influenced by Grace Hopper who was an early computer scientist and programmer for the Harvard Mark I computer in 1944. Grace gave credence to women working in the computer science area and this encouraged her to pursue her passion.  Kathy has many claims to fame, here are just a few — she wrote the first computer program for submission of electronic insurance claims in the state of Pennsylvania in 1987. In 1988, when a very smart man wanted to integrate his accounting software he contacted Kathy who then learned accounting and converted his files — that company was Conair®. She even created accounting software that was later purchased by Microsoft.

The accomplishment that she is most proud of is raising a daughter who has become a fine woman with whom she has a great relationship. Kathy grew up in NW Pennsylvania but moved quite frequently because she had a spouse in the military. Kathy fell in love with Colorado when they were transferred there and didn’t think she would ever leave.  But when her daughter, son-in-law and grandson moved from India to NW Pennsylvania she needed to be closer and now only lives 8 miles from them. Kathy lives with her Chihuahua, Anabelle, and cat, Chloe, and loves to read, knit, and sew quilts.

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