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Kate Corum


Consultant Assistant

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Kate Corum, VMC Consultant Assistant, has been working in the veterinary industry since 1999. She started in the veterinary world with a wonderful boss who was one of the biggest influences in her veterinary career. Kate began working at VMC in 2009 as Monica Dixon Perry’s assistant. She is fortunate enough to have been on both sides of the consulting business, as a client and as an assistant.

One of Kate’s greatest professional accomplishments is working for VMC. She loves when practices realize all that we do for them and how much we truly care about their success. Kate gets excited when talking with others in the veterinary industry especially when Kate tells them she works for VMC! They know about VMC because they have attended our seminars, read a book or an article written by one of VMC’s owners.

Kate currently lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee with her husband, twin babies and four wonderful dogs. Personally, her greatest accomplishments are her beautiful twins and their fantastic fly ball competitive dogs.  Kate is actively involved with two fly ball clubs — one of which is in Michigan.  She enjoys spending her free time training the dogs and attending tournaments.  If she could have one super power it would be to function with no sleep, which is quite understandable attending out-of-town tournaments with twins and four excited dogs.

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