Management Tools for Veterinary Practices

Hundreds of tools developed specifically for veterinary practices to help your business run more smoothly, effectively, and efficiently.

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Management Tools for Veterinary Practices

Big Blue Tools Binder

Our most popular and most sought after product. Our Tools Book is the result of over 30 years of development. Our Tools Book contains many of the documents you will need to help you effectively manage your practice.  Contained within our Tools Book are 11 individual sections on:

  • ‍Client Communications
  • ‍Hospital Forms
  • ‍Medical Care Plans (Estimates)
  • Human Resources
  • Employee Policy & Procedures Manual
  • ‍Job Descriptions Package
  • Phased Training Programs
  • Employee Evaluation Forms
  • Employee Incentive Program
  • Protocols
  • Exam Room Video

Within each section are detailed examples of forms and documents that have been specifically developed for veterinary practices.  Instead of reinventing the wheel you can get copies of the most current up to date documents available in veterinary practice management and then customize those documents for your practice.  All the documents contained within the Tools Book come in hard copy as well as on a flash drive allowing you to customized the form or document for your practice.  We also offer an update service where we will send you updates as they are developed for each section of the Tools Book.  Our Tools Book is constantly updated and expanded, our newest section deals with video evaluation, explaining how to introduce this concept within your practice and provides you with all the legal information necessary as well as the forms to help you do a comprehensive review of your doctors in the exam room.  Nowhere else will you find such a comprehensive book with all the forms, documents and tools necessary to effectively manage a veterinary practice.  Why reinvent the wheel when a great wheel has already been developed, tested and used, all you need to do is modify it for your practice.

Subscription Service – Updates to Management Tools for Veterinary Practices

Laws change, polices and protocols need to be updates, new concepts in veterinary practice management are constantly being developed.  How you do you stay on top of all these changes? Subscribe to our Tools Book Subscription Service.  You must have purchased the Tools Book within the past 30 days in order to subscribe to the update service.  Once you have subscribed, you will receive updated via the internet every time they are released.  We try to update the Tools Book monthly, sometimes it will be more often, sometimes less, but you will receive an update at least every quarter.  As new laws are enacted, polices need to change.  For instance, are you aware it is now required by the ADA that your job descriptions have ͞essential elements͟ of the job?  These are used to determine disability or degree of disability, but indeed, it is required.  Our team does its best to keep up with the laws and regulations, not only in HR but in other areas of veterinary practice management as well.  We are also constantly developing new concepts, forms, documents that will help you to improve upon your customer service, efficiency or organization of your practice.  Don’t let your Tools Book become outdated, be sure to sign up for the Tools Book Subscription Service at the time you purchase your Tools Book.

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Tools Binder Sections:

Hospital Forms

Packed with forms commonly used to enhance everyday practice management activities. Includes in-hospital tracking form, patient visit form, pre-anesthetic surgical release form, surgical consent form, canine and feline pre-exam checklists, exam room report card forms (small animal, avian, equine and exotics,) "biography" forms (puppy, kitten and exotics,) standardized discharge order form, payment agreement form, sample collection letters, controlled drug log form, cash drawer worksheet and client questionnaire. 

Client Communications

Effective client communication is essential to your practice's success and to the well-being of the patients you serve. An educated and informed client is more likely to comply with recommendations and to value the services their pet receives. This package of forms includes Lifetime of Wellness for dogs and cats, TLC Boarding, Kennel Camper Cards, Geriatric and Dental Targeted Marketing Letters, Dental Grading Report, Internet Pharmacy Client Response Letter, Purging Letter, Laboratory Test Results Worksheet and Care to Share cards. 

Medical Care Plans

Does your practice write up the same health care plans over and over again? Standardized Medical Care Plans save not only your valuable time and effort - they also ensure standards of care; help clients better understand their pet's diagnosis, explain the treatment and itemize the costs of the services rendered. This section contains itemized estimates covering the areas of dermatology, ears, x-rays and work-ups, eyes, genital/urinary procedures, gastrointestinal, orthopedics, respiratory/heart and dental as well as other elective and non-elective services. Medical Care Plans include a description of the condition and its treatment. All fees can be automatically updated by using the master fees feature. 


Consistency and structure are imperative to your hospital's daily managerial and personnel operations. A health care team that is provided with guidelines, boundaries and direction is more likely to comply with management's expectations, especially when those expectations are clearly and concisely articulated. This section of forms includes suggested protocols and templates for establishing your expectations in writing. Set your healthcare team up for success!

Human Resources 

Personnel management can be a challenge. Let us help you make it more manageable with this set of forms designed specifically for human resource purposes. This section includes pointers and samples for writing advertisements for open positions; help for interviewing and checking references; sample letters of job offer; attendance records; and career development plans. You'll find an employee warning notice, corrective action form and discrimination complaint form. There's even a termination checklist and employee exit survey.

Employee Policy & Procedures Manual

An employee policy & procedures manual is an essential management tool that outlines all policies and procedures that relate to employees. An effective manual facilitates communication on important issues and demonstrates compliance with state and federal policies. Sections within this manual template cover employment status, discrimination, non-solicitation, personal conduct, paydays, timecards, overtime, work schedules, attendance, benefits, uniforms/grooming, employee reviews, incentive program, leave of absence and disciplinary protocol.

Job Descriptions Package

By creating job descriptions for all positions within your practice, prospective employees know up front what a job entails. A good job description clearly outlines an employee's duties and responsibilities, providing a framework that supports accountability while equipping the employee for success. This section contains 36 sample job descriptions for health care team members, including: front desk, kennel, technical, associate, management and other positions. These job descriptions include wording critical for legal compliance.

Phased Training Programs

Phased training programs take a comprehensive view of all the duties and responsibilities of a given job and divide them into training periods referred to as phases. These programs provide an "itinerary" for new employees, allowing them to be trained gradually so that they are not overwhelmed as they initially enter the practice. One of the factors in staff turnover is a lack of structured training. Don't "throw them to the wolves". Providing this structure in the training process allows employees to be trained to a higher level of skill and expertise. This package contains sample phased training programs for front desk, technical, associate, management and other positions.

Employee Evaluation Forms

Employee evaluations are essential in developing a well-informed and motivated team. Don't leave team members wondering if they're meeting expectations or how they can improve their value to the practice. This package contains sample evaluation forms developed specifically for veterinary practices. Included are front desk, kennel, technical, management, associate and other position evaluation forms.

Employee Incentive Program

This section helps you incorporate an effective employee incentive program that motivates employees and creates a team effort within your practice. Bonuses are based on individual performance and your practice's increase in gross income - so those who contribute more receive a greater reward for their extra effort! General implementation information, calculation forms, and three job-specific evaluation forms are included. A calculation program for use with Microsoft Excel makes it easy to determine the amount of each employee's bonus and provides documentation that you can present to the employee to show them how it was calculated.

Exam Room Video

Video coaching can be a useful tool for identifying strengths and weaknesses in the consulting room. This section explains the benefits of this style of training, what to consider when implementing it, and what results to expect. Here are the tools you need to implement video coaching.


When your team answers the telephone or responds to questions posed by clients do they get a consistent response or maybe two completely different answers?  Do they all answer the telephone in the same manor saying the same thing? It is highly suggested that you develop scripts for some of the more common communication and questions that your employee will need to respond too.  How would you like your receptionist to respond to the question, “Can you explain heartworm disease to me?” or “Why do I need to get an exam every year for my dog?” You have standards of medicine and surgery in your practice, but do you have standards of customer service?  A good way to initiate standards of customer service is to develop communication scripts for your team members.

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