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July 10, 2018
January 8, 2017

You Need Employee Performance Logs

Sheila Grosdidier

“I’m too busy to keep up with everything my employees are doing”

“How can I remember what all my employees are doing over a year’s time?”

“What will make writing performance evaluations easier for me?”

The stress has started; you see on your handy electronic calendar that three team members are due for their reviews. What makes this process easier, a valid reflection of your team members’ true performance for the last year, and prepares you to have a productive discussion with your employee?

Employee Performance logs!

While you may be a world class organizer and are assured that all the documents and notes, etc. get into the employee file, this is a slightly different type of tracking tool. This is for when your employee stops you in the hall and starts discussing an issue, when another supervisor has a discussion with an employee that you manage, or the outcomes of that client issue involving a team member. In many cases, supervisors and managers do not keep a solid, organized record of discussions, issues, kudos and training for their team members.

Here is how to fix that problem:

  1. Consider going to electronic employee files. You use electronic medical records for your patients, right? It’s sooooo much better than that old paper file process. Find something else to do with that file cabinet - maybe use it for a secret snack stash instead.
  2. Make it easy to put your thoughts and information into the system, when and where it happens, with an app. You can even have someone else, another supervisor, and a practice owner put in information when they need to as well. What you end up with is a consistent, accurate and streamlined record of an employee’s performance. Here are some apps to check out.

  3. Commit to regularly record information into the log for each employee as it happens. Discussed an issue with the schedule? Log it. A team member receives an award for finding pets homes with a rescue group? Log it. Awarded employee of the month? Log it. Log everything, you can never have too much information.

Now is a great time to get this started! Imagine how easy the review process will be when you have an accurately captured of the achievements, issues, opportunities and performance of each team member. It’s not unusual for performance reviews to represent what has occurred in the 90 days before the review, because managers have little memory of what has happened over the last year. Performance logs will make life easier. Your review process is going to be significantly improved to achieve your goals, will be more effective and you will have more productive team members. The best part is - your employees will thank you for your new performance log process!

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