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July 10, 2018
August 7, 2018

Veterinary Management Software Tipsheet – Purging Your Database

Judi Dunston

Remember that patient you saw one time for an emergency eleven years ago? Of course, you don’t. So why is their information still in your database? If they still have active status, they are skewing your client/patient statistical information. 

To ensure that your database runs smoothly and doesn’t get bogged down, you should perform a yearly database purge. Clean up your database by removing old, out-of-date, or inaccurate data from your database and freeing up storage space.

Purging can:

  1. Clean up “computer junk” and create more space so your computer runs more efficiently.  
  2. Identify duplicate clients/patients and invoice charging codes.
  3. Remove client and patient history for clients you haven’t seen in more than 7 years. (If your practice is paper lite or paperless you will need to maintain your data for at least 7 years to comply with legal requirements.)

Before you purge:

  1. Contact your practice management software support to ensure you are purging correctly.
  2. Ensure you have a clean and useable backup before purging. (It is recommended that you have two just to be safe.)
  3. Determine what information you are going to purge.
  4. Expect it to take time, so don’t try to perform this function in the middle of the day.
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