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July 10, 2018
July 5, 2018

Veterinary Management Software Tipsheet

Judi Dunston

It’s likely that the first action your practice performed with your new veterinary management software was to set up security. Have you checked it since? Have you experienced the problem of having several invoice codes for the same service? That’s because your security setting is not correct. Having accurate security settings for all team members is vitally important to your practice. It can eliminate a lot of headaches and ensure that you have a clean and accurate database. Each team member should have their own security set up and log in, this enables management to determine who completed a specific task and avoid any type of embezzlement. Reviewing and adjusting your security set up should be performed at least once each year. There should be several levels of security:

  • Administrator – this person can perform all functions within the software.
  • Management – this person can perform most functions within the software.
  • Team Leader – you need to determine what security this person requires to perform the duties of their position. This position usually has the required security level to access the time keeping system, access inventory, correct accounting errors, create new invoice codes, etc.
  • Team members – this level should only have access to the functions needed to complete their tasks on a day to day basis.

Review and adjust your security settings today for your peace of mind and the health of your practice.

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