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July 10, 2018
October 5, 2018

Practice Management Software Tip: Reminders

Judi Dunston

Reminders are the livelihood of your practice and they also promote high quality medicine. ALL pets should have a reminder. If you don’t let your clients know when their pet is due for a service or product, your compliance and client retention rates will be low. Reminders are not just for vaccinations – you should be creating reminders for annual physical exams, lab work, senior screens, long-term medication refills and checks, and spay/neuter when pets reach an appropriate age. Reminders should be verified in your practice management software at least quarterly. Perhaps you have added a new vaccine, lab work, or changed your exam invoice item code – are the reminders correct and up to date? Most types of practice management software have reports which enable you to identify past due reminders and pets without reminders. These reports should be run on a weekly basis and your team members should follow up, to assess why there are pets with no reminders or with past due reminders. Use your practice management software to ensure that all pets are receiving reminders about the preventative health care they need.

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