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July 10, 2018
July 5, 2017

More Than Just Numbers – The AVMA Veterinary Economic Report 2017

Sheila Grosdidier

The AVMA is publishing a series of four reports to dive deep into the economic state of the veterinary profession. While many of us in the profession have a sense of what is going on outside our hospital doors, these reports clearly analyze four veterinary economic divisions – education (what’s up with the state of our seats of higher learning), the market for veterinarians (the jobs issue, where will all of the new graduates be going to be employed), the market for veterinary services (what’s driving income) and business trends. The first report, released in the last 30 days, is a good foundational review of the current economic state of veterinary medicine. And, yes, there is every chart, graph and schematic you could possibly want if you are a colored-coded, spreadsheet kind of person.

This is an ideal opportunity to have some discussions with the team, associates, partners and managers about what essential financial information will help grow, develop and define your practice.

Did I mention it’s free to AVMA members? We do like that four-letter ‘F’ word – free. Find out more here:

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