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July 10, 2018
May 9, 2017

How to WOW! and Impress your Veterinary Clients - An Infographic

Sheila Grosdidier

Want to WOW! your clients? Say it with service. Excellent service is something that can be hard to come by these days and it can set you apart and make you shine. Find ways to make your clients say “WOW!” and they will remember you and your superior service.

Make them feel welcome – How about posting a “Client of the Day” on a chalkboard, selected from one of the day’s appointments, and let them see your appreciation and love for their pet. It costs you nothing and can make a client’s day.

Make Your Hospital Hospitable! Create a creature comfort station with water, coffee, and special snacks for busy times. Keep it clean, inviting and thoughtfully appointed. Invite clients to help themselves or, better yet, offer to get their snack for them. If there are coffee add-ins, make sure there are stir sticks, have napkins handy and don’t forget a trash receptacle. Make sure they feel cared for when they are visiting you.

Never leave a client without asking, “Is there anything else I can get you?” Clients will never feel like you walked away from them if you first ask after their needs. Your consideration will go a long way to creating a satisfied client.

Make a 6-Foot Hello. Train all team members to make eye contact, say hello, greet the client - and the client’s pet - any time they come within six feet. Nobody likes to feel invisible or get the impression they are being ignored. The 6-Foot Hello keeps your clients engaged.

Recognize Great Acts of Kindness – Give a shout out to clients who do something wonderful. Personalize a pet tag to give them to let them know you like their style. Or give a purple heart shaped tag for a pet after an accident. Celebrate successes! A word of recognition for a kindness will make your clients feel appreciated.

How to WOW! your Veterinary Clients - Infographic by VMC, Inc.

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