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July 10, 2018
September 7, 2018

How to Have More Productive Team Meetings

Monica Dixon Perry

Do you ever wonder if team meetings are worth the trouble? Does it seem too difficult to schedule it into your practice routine? Do your team members groan when they hear the word meeting? If so, then you and your team need to rethink meetings – meetings can improve your communication and bring team members together to create a better and more productive work environment.

This past June, we had a VMC, Inc. company retreat in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Although our firm is now headquartered in Lawrence, Kansas, the majority of the VMC team is scattered across the US. Since we do not get to see one another in person on a regular basis, we decided it would be great to get everyone together in one place. Gatlinburg turned out to be perfect – a somewhat central location and geared to hosting out of town groups! We brainstormed, problem solved and generated lots of exciting ideas. And when we weren’t working, we had time to relax, get to know one another better, and even play. Being together with the entire team for three days was extremely productive and a lot of fun!

As a company, we have virtual monthly team meetings. Despite the different time zones and having to coordinate multiple schedules, we make it happen every month. As partners, Mark, Sheila, and I hold monthly partner meetings. What I find is that teams that are intentional about team meetings often have fewer communication issues and have a happier, healthier work environment. There are many excuses we could use as to why it is challenging to have these monthly meetings OR a company-wide retreat, but we know how important it is to come together on a regular, consistent basis.

If your practice struggles to have team meetings, here are some tools to help you conduct productive team meetings. I would not let another month go by without planning for your next team meeting. While you are at it, why not plan on holding regular owner/manager meetings. I recommend weekly owner/manager meetings, but if you need to start off every other week or even monthly, at least make a start. Your practice, team, clients, and patients deserve a team that communicates and works well together.

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