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July 10, 2018
December 7, 2016

Behind the Scenes at VMC - Who is on my team?

Kristine Smith

In this look behind the scenes, we'll take a peek at how Team VMC works to make our clients successful. We've all made that call to a customer support number that turns into an exercise in frustration as we are passed from person to person. The unique structure of VMC eliminates that run-around. 

Did you know that each client is assigned their own primary consultant and administrative assistant? We know that a strong relationship and consistent communication are important to our clients. Each client has a primary team who answers all their calls, texts and emails. We know our clients and pride ourselves on being ready to help with a strong knowledge of where you've been, where you are at and where you are going. In fact, we don’t just wait for our clients to reach out to us, we keep a finger on the pulse of management activities and anticipate needs with resources to help our clients implement their plans and goals. But your VMC team goes deeper than that. 

While our clients build a relationship with their primary contacts, we also have an expanded amazing team comprised of diverse strengths and specialties and through your consultant and their administrative assistant, that wealth of knowledge and skills can be tapped and shared whenever it's needed. Whether it's financial, software, training, human resources, or communication related (and the list can go on) - we've got the resources to draw on to provide you with the best support possible. So while our clients get that personal touch with an ongoing relationship - they still reap the benefits of a strong and diverse team. We’re just better together!

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