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July 10, 2018
March 13, 2017

5 Ways to Recruit Like a Boss

Sheila Grosdidier

It’s time to fill those empty positions and get a full team on board. You have ads placed, you are on the job boards and you are spending a monstrous amount on the job sites but it’s not getting you qualified applicants.

Here are 5 ways to rev up your recruiting:

  1. There’s not just one way that will work. Good, qualified candidates will not come from a single source. You will have to develop some streams of applicants and when those streams begin to flow, you will get the river of candidates you need to fill those positions. Job boards, job/career sites, social media, employee referral programs, internships, and externships are all valuable tools. Just because one doesn’t give you instant results, don’t give up. Many passive job seekers look for their next employer sporadically – be there when they are thinking that this may be the time to find a new job. More individuals look online at night for jobs than during the day, why is that?

  2. Create a job post through Facebook, it’s easy and reaches out to potential employees you want to attract. Facebook’s new initiative has resulted in an abundance of job tabs making it very easy to set up and get your ads posted. Have you ever wondered what that tab on your Facebook page was that says “Jobs”? Go ahead and click it - see what it can do for you.

  3. Make sure they know who you are. Recruiting is, in many ways, like marketing. A job seeker sees an ad online and almost immediately wants to see more about who this employer is and what they do. Where do they go? The click to your website and to your social media pages. What do those sites tell them about you? You’d better go check and see, if it looks old and tired, littered with misspelling and old posts, what does that tell the job seeker? Make sure your online presence makes a good first impression.

  4. Sometimes job seekers don’t start out as job seekers. Don’t be shy about telling individuals you meet about job openings you have. If you have an amazing server at the burger place one night, let them know you appreciate their customer service skills and ask if they have ever thought about working in a veterinary practice. Give them your card and invite them to stop by for a tour.

  5. Get it out there. I admit that I have a bit of a hobby. I like to sit in the back of a CE meeting and put other attendees into three groups. Those that are here for CE, those that are there to look for a job and those that are there to look for potential employees. Find your next great employee, they are out there.

Feel free to add to this list. What’s most important is that you look all the time. If you want to have the best team providing the best service; then it will always be a work in process. But, with some planning and implementation, you can have the team you’ve always wanted. Get moving on building your river, the river of qualified candidates.

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