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VMC's Youtube Series, Tools, presents real, applicable tools for better managing your veterinary practice. Every video guides you through various veterinary management tools and best practices and how to utilize them on your own. Build your management toolbox with the help of veterinary management consultants, Mark Opperman, CVPM, Sheila Grosdidier, BS, RVT, MCP, PHR, Monica Dixon Perry, CVPM, and Niqole Varani, DVM.

How to Leverage your Support Staff

Do you know what leveraging is? In this Tools video, Mark Opperman, CVPM, explains what leveraging is and how to use it to your advantage. Improve your veterinary practice's bottom line by leveraging your support staff.

Mark Opperman


November 9, 2017

Veterinary Online Pharmacies

This week's tip is about online pharmacies. Follow these tips to successfully start your internet pharmacy and increase your revenue.

Mark Opperman


March 16, 2017

Perception of Value

What is it that makes one veterinary practice more successful than another? While practicing excellent medicine and providing a variety of services is foundational, it is actually how your clients perceive you that determines your success.

Mark Opperman


February 14, 2017

Avoid Embezzlement

Mark walks through the dangers of embezzlement in the veterinary practice and how to avoid and detect if it's happening to you.

Mark Opperman


January 30, 2017

Tools | Episode 5 - Concept of 10's

Are you running a veterinary practice or a fix-people business? The Concept of 10's is the idea that you should only have team members in your practice who are or can be helped to achieve a 10 out of 10 assessment.

Mark Opperman


January 3, 2017

Tools | Episode 4 - Creating Employee Files

Keeping employee files in your veterinary practice is an easy and effective method of organizing information and knowing where it is when you most need it.

Sheila Grosdidier


December 19, 2016

Tools | Episode 3 - Onboarding Employees

Monica teaches the template for successful employee onboarding in a veterinary practice.

Monica Dixon Perry


November 7, 2016

Tools | Episode 2 - Practice Owner Compensation

Mark walks through the four-tier compensation method.

Mark Opperman


February 21, 2016

Tools | Episode 1 - Inventory Control for Veterinary Practices

Inventory can be a big cost if not managed well. Find out what's costing you money.

Mark Opperman


January 11, 2016

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