About VMC, Inc.

The first of its kind, offering value that lasts.

VMC has been serving the veterinary community for over 30 years. Find out what we can do for your practice today.

VMC, Inc. — The Premier Veterinary Management Consulting Firm

VMC, Inc., was the first consulting firm in the United States to focus on veterinary practice management. For more than 30 years, we have set the gold standard. While other consulting firms have come into the veterinary space, our range of expertise and passion for our clients' success distinguish us from the rest. Our experience speaks for itself:

  • We've assisted more than 2,000 practices.
  • Our consultants lecture at 22 veterinary colleges each year.
  • We've hosted more than 70,000 participants at our events.

We give focused guidance to help clinics meet their specific challenges. Our services include the following:

  • ‍Clinic reviews
  • Financial consultation and guidance
  • ‍In-depth training that's motivating and enlightening
  • ‍Comprehensive, full-year business implementation plans
  • An excellent variety of educational seminars
  • Lecture and speaking engagements 

Whatever your needs, we have the resources to help you realize your practice's full potential.

Our Consultants

Mark Opperman
President and Founder

In 1983 Mark Opperman answered the call to guide veterinary practices to a higher level of management. He founded VMC Inc., a firm dedicated to excellence in veterinary practice management.

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Sheila Grosdidier
Partner, Consultant

As a partner at VMC, Inc., Ms. Grosdidier conducts comprehensive on-site consultations with veterinary practices, has developed a seminar series directed toward taking practices to their next level, and performs extensive speaking engagements.

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Monica Dixon Perry
Partner, Consultant

Monica enjoys lecturing and is passionate about working with practices that participate in our on-site consultation services. She thoroughly enjoys assisting owners, managers and healthcare teams reach their maximum potential.

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Niqole Varani

As the newest addition to the VMC team, Dr. Niqole Varani brings tremendous expertise in veterinary medicine as well as practice management. She has extensive experience as a veterinarian, and her passion for improving client relations, hospital efficiency, and business profitability catapulted her career into management.

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Our Team

Kristine Smith

Consultant Assistant

Kristine Smith started working for Mark in 1998 and has been in administrative support for over 25 years. She is very conscientious and is excited about the helpful and positive impact she has each day with VMC clients and team members that she supports.

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Diane Elsbury

Consultant Assistant

Diane Elsbury has worked with Mark at VMC for 24 years, starting in the Indianapolis office and has created some of the best excel tools known to the business.

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Judi Dunston

Consultant Assistant

Judi Dunston joined the VMC family in 2013, after serving as a veterinary practice manager for 35 years. She is currently working as an assistant to Sheila Grosdidier. She loves working from home in the Northwood’s of Wisconsin and assisting VMC’s clients with improving their veterinary practices.

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Kathy Tripp


Kathy Tripp is VMC’s accountant/analyst who loves working with numbers. She appreciates the great relationships she shares with her co-workers. Kathy is a problem solver for clients, the consultants, and assistants alike. She has a broad set of skills that prove invaluable to the VMC team.

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Sue Merritt

Marketing Coordinator/Event Planner

Sue Merritt is the Marketing Coordinator/Event Planner at VMC, Inc. She has been an event planner in the healthcare field for most of her career. Working in this position, serving in the veterinary industry, was a natural progression for this animal lover.

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Kate Corum


Consultant Assistant

Kate Corum began working with VMC in 2009 as Monica Dixon Perry’s assistant. She is fortunate enough to have been on both sides of the consulting business, as a client and as an assistant. Kate is a CVPM, giving her the knowledge to excel in her role.

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Aaron Opperman

Administrative Assistant

Aaron has been working at VMC, Inc. for over a year as the Administrative Assistant. Aaron oversees our central office, triaging phone calls and responding to emails. He also completes many clerical duties, manages inventory, and keeps communications running smoothly at VMC. His favorite part of the job is being able to talk with clients and developing strong relationships with them. Aaron takes his job very seriously and does everything he can to push VMC, Inc. into the 21st century and beyond!

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